Doğana (Birthing Women’s Rights Association) Birth Stories Book is now avaiable


kitap kapakDoğana published this book with the intention of inspiring and empowering women both are going to give birth and to communincate our Manifesto of Birthing Women’s Rights to women, famlies and healthcare professionals. All of the positive birth stories presented in this book took place over the last few years. Included in this book are are natural births as well as births with interventions and cesarean deliveries, revaling true stories of women’s rights during birth.

1. Pregnancy and birth are normal natural processes.

2. Every woman has the right to information, education and quality medical care before during and after pregnancy and birth.

3. The woman is the focus of the birth and throughout it she has the right to be active.

4. Privacy and confidentiality are essential parts of both pregnancy and birth.

5. Every woman has the right to support, through out labour, from the people of her choosing, including family, friends, midwives or doulas.

6. Every woman has the right to informed consent for all procedures to be preformed on her or her child and her decisions are to be respected.

7. Bonding between mother and child before and after birth is to be fostered and supported.

8. Every woman has the right to meet the essential needs of her child, including but not limited to breastfeeding, undisturbed in public places and with out restrictions being placed on her career.

Our book is currently available only in Turkish. It can be ordered through our association at

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